Stonk O Tracker Explained: A helpful and interesting source for investors

Stonk O Tracker Explained: A helpful and interesting source for investors

Are you wondering to know about Stonk o tracker? Let’s have a look. It is just a website that is created by an unidentified developer. He gives the reason that he genuinely likes stocks. On Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit it attracts sufficient interest from buyers for “meme stock”. It includes the type of people who defined the tracker as a “laugh website” made for monkeys through monkeys. In this article, we will deeply discuss the interference of stonk.

Stonk O Tracker

On AMC and GME, it affords effective mediator interface statistics. As an example, if we custom AMC, so let’s have a look at the information. Its interface shows information on GME, AMC, and BBBY.

Stonk O Tracker

The stock of memes:

In 2020, the use of modern smartphone applications is more widespread among retailers like Wealth Simple and Robinhood. Some businesses and brands are making active to start a cult-like rank as likely market play. These firms elaborate in AMC and GameStop were also called “meme stock”. Because of their popularity on social platforms like Reddit. Where non-professional investors would gather to share their findings.

AMC and GameStop have achieved a great level of importance. While on the other hand, the greatest meme stocks have far ahead faded into insignificance, in part of the greatest stockholders like Ryan Cohen and Elon Musk.

The AMC Stonk:

First of all, you will see a light orange color bar running on the website. It shows stonko tracker time like “51 hr 23 min 02 sec”. It clearly explains to you about the time. This is a countdown to opening the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). Additionally, you also see an NYSE heading under the bar on the left side with a fee of $5.20. While the NYSE (New Year Stock Exchange) closed this is the fee of AMC catalog.

The AMC Stonk

This rule keeps shares from continuous short-selling by ruling out shorts.Stonk O Tracker also has a title named “FRA”, which indicates the fee of AMC stocks at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

In Europe, the largest inventory exchange is FRA (Frankfurt Stock Exchange). As you want to pay a fee here you have to pay in Euros. There is also a topic “calls ITM Expiring”. This shows the number of name replacements at AMC failing “In The Money” on a specific date. It provides possible investors the capacity to buy a percentage at a fixed and fast fee on a progressive date.

The SSR Stonk:

SSR is the short-term “short sale restriction”, another way it is also known as the “alternative uptick rule”. This rule will also help to keep stock from constant short-selling. When the catalog has fallen to 10% or extra from the previous buying and trade. This screenshot shows the Stonk O Tracker the price of SSR of the New York stock exchange.

The SSR Stonk

The FRA Stonk:

This website also has the label “FRA”. It also shows AMC’s price, which is shared on the FRA (Frankfurt Stock Exchange). The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the biggest stock exchange in Europe. The currency here is used in euros. This screenshot shows the Stonk O Tracker the price of FRA of the New York stock exchange.

The FRA Stonk

Call ITM Expiring at Stonk O Tracker:

There is a sector that is “Call ITM Expiring”. This section displays the number of call options that are existing on the AMC stock that is “In the money” and expiring on a certain date. An investor can purchase the stock of shares at a set price on a specific date via a call option. The owner “In the money” can retain the modification. The price becomes low according to the definite price, when the date comes, which is open on the day of an open market.

For example, the Stonk O Tracker shows 5,232 calls that are expiring “In the money” at $6 on May 12.

Call ITM Expiring at Stonk O Tracker

Shares available to borrow at Stonk O Tracker:

GME, AMC, and BBBY investors show how many several shares of particular companies are open to carry off for short sellers. Moreover, the goal of short sellers is to carry off the shares from stockbrokers. Then they wait till the price of shares drops down. Now, at that time they keep the profit in their pockets and sell back these shares to the stockbrokers. The number of shares is comprehensively low when a stock appropriate will decrease.

As well as that the below screenshot indicates that 750,000 (92.2%) AMC (at the time, this article will be written) shares are accessible to carry off. On the other hand, the owner of Stonk O Tracker said that “The Interactive Brokers provides the shares offered to them to derive. It only represents how many shares are available for them to carry off. Well, it may not represent the overall amount of shares, but it provides a good overview of what’s going on.

Shares available to borrow at Stonk O Tracker

What about “Tits-Up-Tracker”?

Reverse repurchase agreements are also known as RRP or Reverse repos. The US Daily Treasury, Statement appears the “Tits-up-tracker” as a TV display device. The “US Daily Treasury” claims on the “Tits-up-tracker” be responsible for a metric for the Federal government’s, United States Treasury currency and debate actions on whatever is familiar as “a new coin basis”. That’s why they demand a contribution for “cowl jogging costs”.

What about “Tits-Up-Tracker

Names of some data sources that Stonk O Tracker used.

The owner of the Stonk O Tracker uses these sources to collect data for online implementation, which are below:

  1. Finra
  2. The SEC
  4. Yahoo Finance
  6. Interactive brokers
  8. Market Chameleon

Bottom Lines:

Hopefully, you come to know about Stonk O Tracker. The developer of this website just gives us the reason that he likes stocks. It is not too easy to identify what types of the online web is tracking. Here we have a factor that was a well-sized debate about whether the website is accurate or not. And if so, buyers will have to struggle and become more remarkable and have to make every effort that the only base stage of knowledge is the information earlier than dedicate big sums.


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