What are Snapchat Planets? How does this planet system work?

What are Snapchat Planets? How does this planet system work?

Snapchat, a social media application launched the Snapchat Planets System recently on its premium version. The purpose of this feature is to keep the users engaged and addicted to this application. However, this feature actually determines the friendship status with your friends.

In this article, we will discuss the Snapchat Planets system, its order, and where and how you can access this feature while using the Snapchat application.

What is the Snapchat Planets System?

The Snapchat Planet system is actually a premium feature that the famous social media application, Snapchat has launched. This system basically defines the friendship of a person on the basis of the streaks and stories he shares with his friends. This planet’s system is by far quite similar to our solar system which has 8 planets revolving around the Sun.

However, one cannot access this feature for free on Snapchat. Because the Snapchat Planets feature is only available and accessible on Snapchat Plus. This Snapchat Plus version is actually the premium version of this application and one can only access it by paying the membership or you can say the subscription fee.

What is the Snapchat Planets System

Why did Snapchat launch this Planet System in its features?

With the advancements in the modern world, people also want exciting and amazing features in everything. Therefore, social media applications have understood this phenomenon and always come up with innovative ideas and features to keep their visitors engaged with the application.

The same is the case with the Snapchat application. There is no doubt that Snapchat has huge popularity, especially among the youth. Snapchat got this popularity because it brought a change in the social media applications world. Usually, people were scrolling through Facebook, and Instagram and there was no innovation or feature change.

However, Snapchat brought a revolution in the social media world by launching a unique way of contacting and staying in touch with your friends and family. So, people really like the idea of sharing snaps to keep people updated about their current status for which WhatsApp was actually launched.

Therefore, evolution and innovation are inevitable for constant growth in this social world. Keeping this scenario in mind, Snapchat recently launched the Snapchat Planets system, so that people enjoy this feature and stay connected with this social media application.

How does this Snapchat Planets System work?

The working of this Snapchat solar system is quite simple and easy to understand. As we know, the Sun is the biggest star in our solar system. So, the eight planets revolve around the Sun and they are at different positions and distances from the Sun. Now, with the same idea, Snapchat launched a feature of Snapchat Planets System to see who is your closest friend and who is far from you.

According to this system, the person acts as the Sun and his friends on Snapchat are the planets. The person with whom you share the most number of your snaps and streaks will be your closest planet like Mercury is to the Sun. Now, the person with whom you share fewer streaks will be the other planets to you. Therefore, there is a hierarchy that goes from closest friend to good friend and friend.

Snapchat Planets order:

Let us discuss the planet’s order in the Snapchat Plus version of the social media application.


As Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, the friend with whom you share the most snaps and stories will be Mercury to you. Therefore, Snapchat represents this planet as a “Pink Planet surrounded by many Red Hearts.” This shows that that person is the closest friend in your friend list.



Then comes Venus, which is actually a planet that gives the indication of a second best friend on the Snapchat Planets. So, Snapchat shows this planet as a “Light Grey planet with Hearts of Purple, Blue, and Yellow surrounding it.”



Then, we have Earth as the next planet that indicates your third best friend in the Snapchat friend list. Similarly, this planet is represented as a “Green and Blue Planet while a Moon and Red Hearts swirling around it.”



Next on the Snapchat Planets is Mars. This planet describes your 4th best friend and Snapchat symbolizes it as a “Purple and Blue Hearts revolving around a Red Planet.”



Now we have Jupiter, which is represented as an “Orange Planet with no Hearts swirling around it.” However, this planet represents your 5th best friend.



Saturn is the next planet on these Snapchat Planets which defines your friendship with the 6th best friend. This planet has a representation of a “Yellow Planet with no Heart and one Ring around it.”



The second last planet is Uranus, which defines your 7th best friend among the Snapchat friend list. However, this planet is symbolized by a “Light Green planet without any Hearts and Rings.”



Now the last planet from these Snapchat Planets is Neptune. This planet shows up like a “Royal Blue Planet with no Hearts and Rings.” Neptune actually shows your friendship with your 8th best friend on this list.


On Which Snapchat can you find the planet system?

Snapchat Plus is an exclusive membership that provides users with additional features for a fee each month. The exciting news is that this service is now accessible to iPhone and Android users in the United States, and you can try it out for free with a 7-day trial before opting for a subscription. The subscription cost varies between $3.99 per month to $39.99 per year, depending on your preference.

Snapchat Plus offers some fantastic features, including the ability to change the app icon, see who has reached your story, use Snapchat Planet Order, and designate specific friends as BFFs. However, subscribing won’t eliminate ads from your experience on the platform since they are an essential part of Snapchat’s revenue strategy according to their senior vice president Jacob Andrea, whom he mentioned in an interview with The Verge.

On Which Snapchat can you find the planet system

How to access the Premium feature of Snapchat Planets?

If you’re eager to know which planet in your friends’ Snapchat galaxy you belong to, then check out the new Friends Solar Systems feature with a 7-day free trial of Snapchat+. Although this feature can be accessed without taking a full subscription despite regular membership costs of $3.99/month or $21.99/six months or $39.99/year in the US.

To begin utilizing this amazing feature, update your Snapchat app to its latest version and navigate to your profile page. Look for the “Snapchat+” banner and explore all available plans before selecting one that suits you best. Then select “Start a 7-day free trial” and choose your preferred payment method.


How to do the planets on Snapchat?

If you are looking for how to check the status of friends in your Snapchat Planets, You should click on the badge on your profile. It will show you the planet position on which you lie. If you see Mercury, it means that you are the closest friend to the person with whom you are looking for friendship planets.

What do the planets mean on Snapchat order?

Planets on Snapchat order actually define your friendship status with your friends. Snapchat launched this new feature that resembles our Solar system. The person himself acts as the Sun and his friends are the planets. Now, which friend is close and which friend is far apart, depends on your sharing of streaks with them.

What can you do with Snapchat Premium?

There are multiple features of Snapchat Premium. You can enjoy features like Snapchat Planets, Re-watching the story or counting it, Pin the closest friends as BFFs, and access various customized wallpapers on chat.

How do you know if someone has Snapchat Plus?

If you observe that you can also check your friendship status on Snapchat Solar system, by clicking on the badge of your friend’s profile, it means that the friend is having Snapchat+. Furthermore, if your friend is watching your snaps and stories again and again, this is also an indication that he has Snapchat Plus.

On to the Final Notes:

Snapchat Planets is an exciting and innovative feature that Snapchat uses to help users to determine their close friends. Anyone who features in the list of these planets shows that they are the close friends with whom you share your streaks mostly. This solar system in Snapchat is actually to keep the users engaged and addicted to this social media application.

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