Septum Piercing: Cost, Pain and Healing and Aftercare

Septum Piercing: Cost, Pain and Healing and Aftercare

If you want to look beautiful but your lipstick and fresh hair color are not enough for that. So, you have to try something that is more fun and dizzy for you. At that time, Septum Piercing are a great option for you. It will change your look and also add some more additions to your jewelry collection.

Well, there are many types of piercings. You can find piercing as per your choice but here we are going to discuss Septum Piercing. Read the full article if you want to know about Septum piercings.

What is a Septum Piercing?

Septum is a part of your nose where the septum piercing is placed. Septum is like a slim wall of cartilage that is located in the center of the nose. This wall separates the right nostrils from the left and the left nostrils from the right. However, this piercing will not enter the cartilage of the nose.

You sense a harder cartilage area if you touch this area in the nose. This is also called the “sweet spot”. Most people want horseshoes and hoops for their piercings as jewelry. Meanwhile, it is visible under the nose. Moreover, previously you may also hear people talk about this piercing as a bull ring.

What is a Septum Piercing

Cost for septum piercing:

You can get this piercing by paying almost $40 to $100 anywhere. This beauty procedure cost is also based on the location, where you are, or where you are going to get this piercing.

What type of Jewelry material is going to be used in piercing?

1. Titanium:

This metal is a good choice after you get your piercing and does not cause any reaction or infection. This is also long-lasting metal for piercing. Titanium is costly as compared to any other metal.

2. Stainless Steel:

This metal is hypoallergenic. Also, this is the safest and most harmless metal choice for your piercing. This metal contains primarily carbon and iron in a just 2-step process.

3. Niobium:

If you are more sensitive about the use of metals. So, you must try this niobium element. This will be a great choice for your septum piercing. Before using it, the reaction chances are very low. Also, its price is not as much.

What type of jewelry are you using for septum piercing?

1. Barbell:

A barbell contains a threaded ball on both sides. It is the most flexible piercing jewelry for the body. It can let you easily flip up the trick to put it out of sight without really removing the jewelry.

2. Septum Clicker:

These features of hoops are easily hinged termination. And the spring clicks open and shut for informal removal and insertion. The closed hoops mostly contain changed decorative and stone elements on the external edge. And it looks great for your customization.

Healing and pain after getting a septum piercing:

Your eyes are full of tears when you get a septum piercing. It does not indicate that you start crying. It is just a natural reaction when your nose is pierced and pinched. Everyone varies from piercing when they get a septum piercing. Some people say after their piercing experience, they are likely to find out it is very sharp and quick. Once the needle is out from the cartilage and the jewelry is shifted. Then everything goes like a better feeling and relaxes.

Fenton explains that the piercing will take more than eight weeks to become better. But in most cases for healing, it takes more than four to six months. If any significant mucosal and skin surface damage. It will take more than one year. So, be cautious when you are going to change your jewelry.

Some Side effects of septum piercing:

Infection: Fenton clarifies to us, the biggest worry at the time of piercing healing is infection. It can cause swelling, pus, and rising pain. This indicates the sign of infection. If you have the problem of seasonal base allergies and are likely to be cold at definite times of the year. So, you need to avoid getting your septum piercing at that time.


If you have any kind of allergy or if you get easily disposed to sinus infection and then you are going through irritation. Then, you must avoid piercing altogether. Many people say that they feel some weird smell when they wear a septum ring on their nose. This smell is a symbol of infection nearby the infection. Moreover, it may be because of metal.

2. Scarring and granulation tissue:

Because of mistake scars in tissue, many people get a bump at the place of the piercing. This can cause an overreaction of the healing process because of the metal type that you are using and the environment of the nose. In this situation, scarring may also progress.

Aftercare when you get your piercing:

Aftercare when you get your piercing

  • When you are going to touch your nose, go and wash your hand.
  • Don’t flip and twist the jewelry every time.
  • If you want to flip it, then you must take warm water so it loses any crust first.
  • Do not use any harsh soaps, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, or alcohol on the piercing.
  • Clean piercing about 2 to 3 times a day.
  • A saline solution is best to use.

If I get a piercing infection what should I do?

If I get a piercing infection what should I do?

If you are doing your care after and cleaning your piercing as per the instructions. But even then you are still experiencing redness, swelling, pain, and itching and It is difficult to touch. You possibly have an infection. You don’t need to go to your doctor but also use your saline.

If you want to cure your infection at home, rising 2 to 3 times a day continuously, use some antibiotic creams like mupirocin and bacitracin. Infection may cause keloids, scarring, and bumps. But if you feel a fever and chills, then the process you are doing at home should be stopped. Immediately consult with your doctor.


What does a septum piercing mean to a woman?

Well, it is not easy to say that the piercing is boring. The septum piercing has been used historically all over the world as a formal procedure of passage. It can also be seen as a mark of a warrior and on marital status. It comes to know that piercing is about a thousand years old and it was very popular at that time in most of the late culture.

Can I flip my septum on the first day?

Yes, you can flip your septum on the first day of piercing. This one is the best thing regarding the piercing. In the starting, we recommend you use a retainer or either a circular barbell.

Should you flip up a septum piercing?

Yes, it is fine to have your piercing flip. The piercing will take about three to four months to become better. So, be cautious when you are going to flip it. the more you flip it can possibly cause more irritation and infection.

How long does it take for a septum to heal?

Fenton explains that the piercing will take about eight weeks to become better. But in most cases for healing, it takes more than four to six months. If any significant mucosal and skin surface damage. It will take more than one year. So, be cautious when you are going to change your jewelry.

Bottom Lines:

The septum piercing offers a beautiful and unique choice for those people who are interested in facial piercings. While there are some precautions to have in mind for the duration of the healing procedure, the piercing can be quickly healed and the level of the pain is very low. If you want to do a septum piercing, then do proper research and go to a professional piercer to get a better result.

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