What Is Rumplemintz Liquor? How To Drink It Perfectly

What Is Rumplemintz Liquor? How To Drink It Perfectly

Having liquor with a strong punch gives a unique sensation and drinking experience. Rumplemintz is exactly the best liquor when it comes to strong punch and excellent taste. One can enjoy this liquor by mixing in different cocktails and having a nice drinking time.

In this article, we will discuss a complete description of Rumplemintz Liquor, how it tastes, and various features of this product. Moreover, we will also discuss a complete review of these high-quality peppermint schnapps.

What is Rumplemintz?

Rumplemintz is basically a peppermint schnapps that has a sweet candy-like taste. However, this liquor gives a strong punch because of the high percentage of alcohol in it. This bottle comes with a proof of 100 and has around a volume of 50% of alcohol. This amount is greater than many other liquor brands that use a maximum of 40% alcohol in their liquors.

Rumplemintz is owned by a German Based liquor company, Diageo.

This company itself is based in London, United Kingdom. However, people often call it German-style peppermint schnapps. Furthermore, this liquor comes in two different tastes and varieties. One type of Rumplemintz has a sweet berry flavor and the other type of this liquor is a lime flavor.

As the name of this liquor shows that this liquor has a sweet candy taste with high notes of peppermint schnapps. The logo of this liquor is unique and quite visible on its bottle. You can see a Golden Eagle with double heads that form its logo. However, this logo is not just a simple logo but it actually indicates the coat of arms of Germany, which is also an eagle spreading its wings and having a long red tongue.

What is Rumplemintz

How to Serve Rumplemintz?

This liquor is very famous in the United States of America. Rumplemintz is a part of various top-class parties and gatherings. Due to its sharp taste, one can enjoy it with cocktails. When it comes to its serving, this liquor gives its best when you serve it chilled. Moreover, this liquor should also be served straight because of the high percentage of alcohol in it.

Features of Rumplemintz:

Let us now discuss the top features and specs of this premium liquor that is available in multiple tastes across the entire USA.

Brand Rumplemintz
Manufacturing Company Diageo
Released Year 1981
Classification Liqueur
Distillery Scharlachberg Distillery (Wiesbaden, Germany)
SKU 33960
Proof 100
Alcohol 50 % (ABV)
Price $25 (750ml bottle)

What are the tasting notes of Rumplemintz?

Moving on to the tasting notes of Rumplemintz, let us discuss the color, taste, smell, finish, and palate of this premium liqueur.


Discussing the color of this liqueur, it is crystal clear like water. But if you shake its bottle a little bit, you can observe the quality and weight of this liquor inside the bottle. This weight comes down towards the glass like a slow line of legs. Furthermore, this liqueur has 100 proof which means that the amount of alcohol in this liquor is around 50% by volume. Therefore, Ripplemintz is a hard liquor compared to other liquors of the same price and quality range.


While smelling this liqueur, you can feel the peppermint candy from its bottle. This smell is actually due to the Junior Mint-York Peppermint that has been mixed with Pattie ilk. All these ingredients combine to make a sensational smell of this liquor.


Talking about the finish of this liquor, we can say when a sip enters your mouth, you can feel a fresh breath of mint and slowly vanishes. With that, you can get the taste of peppermint which also cools the middle of your tongue because of its mint flavor. So, it means that drinking Ripplemintz gives you a chill and sensation while intaking it.


The feel of this liqueur on the tongue is a bit bulky and oily at the start. But when you take a sip inside, the mint flavor and alcohol do their job, and that bulky and oily feel ends. Later on, the menthol effect of mint comes and it creates a sense of hot and cold on your tongue. Therefore, it encourages you to take more sips of Rumplemintz. This also helps you to crave chocolates while drinking them.

A Detailed Review of Rumplemintz:

When the topic of peppermint schnapps comes up, one may immediately think of Peppermint Patty shots or festive cocktails served in Santa-themed mugs. However, traditional German and Austrian schnapps differ from their American counterparts. They are more similar to eau-de-vie and are made by crushing fruit before distilling it with brandy to create a clear, fruity liquid.

In contrast, American schnapps gained popularity in the 1980s and tend to be much sweeter and more flavorful than their European counterparts. An example of this is Rumplemintz, a sweet American schnapps that hit the market after the Paddington Corporation filed for its trademark in 1981. The company began importing this German liqueur just as drinks with schnapps were becoming increasingly popular in America.

Advertising Campaigns:

Rumple Minze quickly became known for its bold advertising campaigns featuring a bold female warrior riding on a polar bear with sharp teeth. These ads were frequently seen in magazines such as Playboy. To match this amazing messaging, Rumple Minze was introduced to the market with an alcohol content of 100 proof. This was more than twice that of other popular bottles at that time like DeKuyper Peachtree Schnapps.

Advertising Campaigns

Origin and Parent company:

The information regarding Rumple Minze, the product’s parent company, Diageo is very much a mystery. First, the bottle has the word “imported” to showcase that this liqueur is from abroad. But it now only mentions that “crafted with imported flavor.” Despite so much confusion about its origin, Rumplemintz gives a potent and refreshing minty flavor. Therefore, it can provide a cooling sensation akin to air conditioning or a wintry feeling from the candy canes.


Interestingly, the term schnapps is derived from snapper, a German word meaning “to gulp.” This liqueur is taken and serves as a chilled shot and chocolate syrup and cream. It’s often mixed into cocktails and would make for an excellent addition to hot cocoa when making Rumplesnuggler. However, due to its strong taste and high alcohol content level, Rumple Minze cannot replace other mint liqueurs like creme de menthe in cocktail making.



What type of alcohol is Rumplemintz?

Rumplemintz is basically a liqueur that contains 50% of alcohol by volume. Therefore, it gives a sensational taste and finishes when you intake it. However, this liqueur is manufactured under a German Company, Diageo.

Why is Rumple Minze so strong?

Rumple Minze is quite strong because of the ingredients and alcohol volume in it. Usually, the liqueurs have an ABV of 40% but this liqueur has 50% Alcohol. This makes Rumple Minze so strong and enjoyable while drinking.

What does Rumplemintz taste like?

Rumple Minze is basically a peppermint schnapps so it carries a similar taste and smell also. There are two different flavors which are berry flavor and lime flavor. Both give their respective taste and sensation to your tongue. The alcohol amount is 50% in this liqueur and proof of 100.

How strong is a Rumple shot?

As discussed earlier, Rumple Minze liqueur has a proof of 100, which means that is double stronger than other liqueur having proof of 80 or less. Moreover, the ABV is also 50% which is greater than many other liqueurs of the same type and category. These qualities make the Rumple shot quite stronger and tastier.

Final Note:

Rumplemintz is an excellent addition to the liqueurs having great taste and finish. Furthermore, the price of this bottle is very reasonable keeping in mind the ingredients, ABV, and proof. Furthermore, talking about its tasting notes, it is quite ahead of other liqueur competitors in terms of taste, nose, palate, and finish.



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