Percy Hynes White Biography, Career, Social Media, Personal Life

Percy Hynes White Biography, Career, Social Media, Personal Life

Who is Percy Hynes White?

Percy Hynes White is a Canadian actor. His birth date is 8 October 2001, in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Labrador, Canada. He started his acting career in 2013 when he appeared in the film Cast No Shadow. He is best known for his roles in TV shows such as “Between” and “The Gifted,” as well as in the film “Edge of Winter.”

White is best known for his role as Andy Strucker in the Marvel television series The Gifted. He also won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Performance in a Children’s or Youth Program or Series for his role in The Servlet Man’s Adventures! In 2014. In 2015, Percy was cast as Wiley Day in the Netflix original series “Between,” which ran for two seasons. He later looked in the Marvel TV series “The Gifted,” playing the character of Andy Strucker.

Percy Hynes White has received critical praise for his performances, including a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Program or Series for his performance in The Book of Negroes.

Percy Hynes White

He has appeared in numerous film and television productions like:

  • Le Livre des Nègres
  • Entre
  • Les Mysteries de Murdoch
  • Nuit au Musée
  • Le Secret du Tombeau
  • Le Talented
  • Die Towel Rack Adventures!’
  • ‘Oath’ and ‘Locke & Key’.

The Life of Percy Hynes White

The Father’s name of Hynes White is Joel Thomas Hynes. His father is also an author, artist, and chief. And mother’s name is Sherry White. In the acting talents organization in his birthplace of St., He plays very important roles in many industries.

The Life of Percy Hynes White

He made many films, and dramas that are too popular that we discuss below:

Top Movies

  • Crackie (2009)
  • A Christmas Horror Story (2015)
  • Our House (2018)
  • Cast No Shadow (2014)
  • Rupture (2016)
  • Down to the Dirt (2008)
  • Edge of Winter (2016)

Top TV shows

  • Odd Squad (2015-16)
  • 11.22.63 (2016)
  • The Gifted (2017-19)
  • Rookie Blue (2014)
  • Transplant (2020)
  • Murdoch Mysteries (2014-15)
  • Saving Hope (2015)
  • Defiance (2015)
  • The Twilight Zone (2019 TV series) (2019)

Social media appearance of Percy Hynes White

Hynes White is active on multiple social media platforms including:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter

On Instagram, he has a verified account (@perhyneswhite) with over 44,000 followers where he frequently shares photos and updates about his life and career. His Twitter account (@PercyHWhite) has over 10,000 followers and he tweets about his projects and interacts with fans.

White also has a YouTube channel called “Percy Hynes White TV” where he posts videos about his experiences as an actor, behind-the-scenes footage of his projects, and vlogs about his travels and daily life. Its chain has more than 1.5 thousand subscribers.

Education of Hynes White

He completes his school education in his birth city St. John’s Canada. In theatre school, he studied for two years and complete his education.

Girlfriend of Hynes White

As officially he has no girlfriend but in some places, he has a secret crush. But it is not correct news about its girlfriend. A truth about Percy Hynes White is he does not like those girls who are busy all the time on their phones, and updating every time.

Hynes White Weight, Color, Age, and Height

  • The height of Hynes White is 5 feet and 7 inches.
  • The eye color is green.
  • The hair color of Hynes White is Dram Broun
  • He was born on 8 October 2001
  • The weight of Percy Hynes White is 65kg.

Some Truths about Hynes White

  • He is a young performer that has been involved in the industry since 2008.
  • Canada is where Percy Hynes was born and reared.
  • For the television series The Gifted, Percy received a nomination for Best Performance by a Leading Adolescent Actor in a TV Series (2018).
  • The nicknames of Hynes White are Percy or White.
  • He has acted in about ten films and almost fifteen television shows.
  • He played the primary character of Xavier Thorpe in the web series Wednesday in 2022

Famous dramas detail Percy Hynes white

There are many dramas that get popular in the industry. Here we discuss a few ones.

1. “The Gifted” (2017-2018)

In this heroic TV series based on Marvel Comics characters, Percy plays the recurring role of Andy Strucker, a mutant with telekinetic powers.

Famous dramas detail Percy Hynes white

2. “I Am the Night” (2019)

Percy Hynes White played the recurring role of Andy Strucker, a telekinetic mutant, in this superhero television series based on Marvel comic book characters.

3. “Between” (2015-2016)

In this Netflix series, Percy played the role of Wiley Day, a teenager living in a small town that is quarantined after a mysterious disease kills everyone over the age of 21.

4. “The Bold Type” (2018)

In this drama series about three ladies who work at a magazine, Percy made an appearance as a guest star who was a college student.

5. “Locke & Key” (2020)

In this supernatural horror series based on the same-named comic book series, Percy plays the recurrent role of Scott Cavendish.


What is Percy Hynes White nationality?

The nationality of this actor is Canadian. Because he is a Canadian famous actor.

Where is Percy Hynes White now?

He is now at his Home, which for the most part has been Toronto, has served as a unifying theme throughout Hynes White’s career thus far and served to keep him grounded. He has shot many of his projects there, especially the CBC sitcom Pretty Hard Cases, in which he co-stars with Meredith MacNeill and Adrienne C.

What show is Percy Hynes White in?

Actor Hynes White is from Canada. On The Gifted on FOX, He shows Andy Strucker.

How old is Percy in The Gifted?

In The Gifted Percy is about 21 years old.

Final Thoughts

Percy Hynes White is a Canadian famous actor. He is a capable young actor who has grown a respect for his work in the entertainment industry. There are many famous dramas that perform Hynes White. In this article, you will be able to know about Hynes White. Not all information but some quick information is discussed.

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