Mustang Dark Horse Edition 2024 Updated Price, Specs & Features

Mustang Dark Horse Edition 2024 Updated Price, Specs & Features

As a sports car lover, you may be looking forward to driving the Mustang Dark Horse. This 2024 edition of Dark Horse has exciting features and specifications. In this article, we will discuss these features and also the price hike of this car.

Mustang Dark Horse 2024 Edition:

The Ford brand has recently launched the Mustang Dark Horse 2024 edition. This vehicle has great features that include a classy interior and exterior physique and design. Moreover, the prices that Ford released for this car have changed because of inflation. Dark Horse is a great sports car with various driving options, customization, Engine Power, Suspension, and Transmission system. Ford has released this car and multiple test drives are under process after the final of this car was on April 17, 2023, in the market.

Mustang Dark Horse 2024 Edition

Core Specifications of Mustang Dark Horse:

Let us now discuss the core specification of this beautiful Dark Horse, a technical piece of art from Auto Giants Ford.

Feature Specifications
Brand Ford
Vehicle Name Mustang Dark Horse
Model 2024
Engine Forged Piston,

Re-balanced crankshaft,

5.0-liter Coyote

Power 500 hp

418-pound feet of torque

Transmission Manual, six-speed TREMEC
Adaptive Suspension System Magner ide
Front Brakes 19-inch Brembo
Brake Rotors 13.9 inches
Tires Pirelli P Zero
Camshafts High Strength
Tires RPM 7,500

Detailed Features of Mustang Dark Horse:

Moving on to the features and performance of the Mustang Dark Horse, exploring more details and attributes of this vehicle.

Interior Design:

The interior design of Mustang Dark Horse genuinely gives a vibe of a sports car. The seats, dashboard, LED, Steering, and overall aura of the Mustang car are something very unique. The whole interior of this car gives a blue color grace and this car has a manual knob shifting. Furthermore, this knob is made up of titanium.

The transmission of this car is manual and automatic as well. So, This auto transmission has an outer layer of the silver paddle that gives a great feeling and sensation while shifting gears. Talking about the steering wheel of Mustang Dark Horse, it is covered with suede leather having a color combination of blue and black.

Interior Design


The stitching on the cover leather of the steering is of indigo blue which gives a great and attractive look. Moreover, The same stitching process is present on all the interior designs where leather suede is used like on the doors, seats, center console lid & trim, and shift boot for gears.

Drift Brake:

There is a drift brake that is electronic and is also covered with leather. Moreover, it helps the driver to lock and modulate the back wheels so that he can move his car sideways without any hassle. The car enthusiast that looks for a sporty look of this Mustang dark horse also provides a special package. In this package, you can observe Deep Indigo Blue Bolsters having a nice stitching Indigo Blue Color. The seat color from the center is black and the edges and side are covered with blue suede that provides an excellent sporty look and great grip at the same time.


Now, discussing the dashboard surface of this Mustang car, it is aesthetic and looks so comfy to the eyes. There is a pattern of animal skin having fiery grains. So, different lasers and other methods are used for designing these grains and animal-type skin on the dashboard of this Ford Masterpiece.

Giving a final touch to the finishing of the interior of this car, there is a panel badge that shows up on the front of the dashboard. This panel has the car’s name and chassis number written over it.


Colors & Contrast of Mustang Dark Horse:

As discussed earlier, the interior of Mustang Dark Horse has a great blue and black color contrast. Furthermore, this contrast is also present in the exterior outlook and color of this Dark Horse Edition 2024. However, the interior color of this car also features a Blue Ember Metallic Paint. To give a glossy look, this color was perfect as the signature color of this car. In this EMber Metallic paint, there are dark blue hues that provide a classy look when you see the car from different angles and color shades.

Exterior Design & Outlook:

The exterior design and physique of Mustang Dark Horse with amazing color contrast add to its beauty and performance. The hand-painted car with vinyl graphics gives a great outlook of this car. These vinyl graphics actually highlight the center hood of this car with a tarnished and gloss black finish to add to the beauty of Dark Horse Edition 2024.

The outlook of this car increases when the basis of this car’s graphic uses hood vinyl graphics. However, it looks perfect with the black roof. In addition, there is a third vinyl accent color of low-gloss black that provides this car with a more stunning outlook.

Exterior Design & Outlook

Stripes Graphics:

The stripe graphics that have high-quality paint shows the proper dark horse of the Mustang team. Focusing on the airflow over the car, the stripes run from the center of the grille toward the hood extractor. Then, from there over the roof and to the back spoiler.

Moreover, There are black elements forming a black stripe down the middle which also gives a great boost to the exterior design and shape of this car. The graphics are hand-painted, in a unique procedure, not like other models of Mustang trim level.

Mode Memory of Mustang Dark Horse:

We found out that if you turn off your Dark Horse car in Track mode, lock it, and then come back, the car will still be in that mode. However, Your neighbors would be very happy, because there is a feature in Mustang Dark Horse that will make sure the car starts in quiet mode instead of Track mode. In addition, You can access this feature by pressing the Mustang logo pony button in the middle of the console.

Differentiation in Driving Modes:

There are various driving mode options available in this dark Horse car. These modes are;

  • Normal Mode
  • Sport Mode
  • Track Mode
  • Slippery Mode
  • Drag strips Mode

These driving options and modes are not something new and some vehicles have these modes but they are not clearly different. During a photo shoot, the person noticed that as they switched between the modes while driving over a bumpy road. So, they could hear the engine sound of the Coyote V-8 more loudly and could feel the bumps on the road more clearly. The Drag Strip mode was somewhat new.

Comfort & Convenience Level:

Talking about the convenience of riding or sitting in the Mustang Dark Horse, we can say it is quite comfortable. According to a reviewer of this car, the seats in this car are quite comfortable and people do not get tired. For one hour, there is complete calm and comfort.

In Addition, the back seats of this car are also quite comfortable and easy to sit even for taller people. Entering into such sports cars is somewhat difficult, but this Car does not have that issue with it. Overall, the great comfy, and relaxing interior seating of this car makes it a more worth-the-money vehicle.

Animation while Driving:

When you go near the car, it puts on a fancy light show that looks like something you’d see in a Disney movie. The lights at the front and back of the car flash together in a coordinated way. When you get in the car, the screens light up and show a close-up view of a Mustang Dark Horse emblem. Moreover, This display keeps going until you start the car by turning the key.

Then you can use a cool video game feature that looks like it’s from Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3D graphics, which is often used in video games. When you change the drive modes, the main display in the dashboard briefly shows a Mustang driving in different environments for each mode. Also, when you see a picture of the car on the main screen, you can touch it to make the picture spin around.

Animation while Driving

Price Hike for Mustang Dark Horse:

Recently, due to inflation, all around the world, there have been hikes in the prices of not only vehicles but other products as well.

Vehicle Previous prices Updated Prices
2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse 6MT $59,565 $60,865
2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse Premium 6MT $63,160 $64,860


How many Dark Horse Mustangs are being made?

Before releasing the Mustang Dark Horse in the market, a total of 6 models are under process. The Ford company will test those models first and these variants have different specs and features.

What is different about the Mustang Dark Horse?

To enhance the performance of the Dark Horse Mustang from the GT model, the front lip of this model is kept bigger. Moreover, the Dark Horse model has a larger area for the intake of air toward the engine. Another feature that makes the Dark Horse model more unique from the GT model is the big plastic inserts below the headlights of the car.

On to the Final Notes:

Mustang Dark Horse is a powerful addition to the latest Ford auto industry. In this article, we provided a complete review of this vehicle and also discussed the key features and specifications. Recently prices have increased because of inflation.

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