Liver King Net Worth 2023: Businesses, Investments, Mansions, Car Collection

Liver King Net Worth 2023: Businesses, Investments, Mansions, Car Collection

Liver King has established himself not only as a great physical trainer but also as a successful businessman. Therefore, Liver King net worth is proof of his entrepreneurship and business skills. Many people often search for his net worth and how he has built such a huge empire of businesses running with more than $100 Million in cash flow.

In this article, we will discuss the various investments, startups, and business ventures that Liver King has invested in.

Who is Liver King?

Liver King is basically an American Fitness trainer and social media personality that got famous because of his eating style. His name “Liver King” actually comes from his raw liver-eating videos and habits. The Liver King not only eats raw meat but also the testicles of bulls. Therefore, his crazy videos and images have caused a sensation on the internet.

The Liver King wants the people to adopt their ancestral food and living style. Moreover, he has come up with the idea of eating raw meat from various animals that the people in the Stone Age used to do. Now, you may think of him as a brutal and aggressive-minded person, but the Liver King is also a smart businessman.

Liver King has established a great business empire that includes various businesses that are running successfully. His business category ranges from Dentiq dentistry, Ancestral Supplements, Heart and Soul, The Fittest, and Medicine Man. These all businesses contribute to the Liver King net worth which is around $10 Million.

Who is Liver King

Quick Biography:

Real Name Brian Johnson
Date of Birth 1977
Age 45
Place of Birth United States of America
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White
Profession Social Media Influencer, Entrepreneur
Marital Status Married, 2 Kids
Liver King Net Worth Approximately $10 Million

Liver King Net Worth:

The net worth of Liver King does not come from a single income source. Liver King in his entire career till date has multiple stints in different businesses and made them successful. Let us now discuss the major companies, businesses, investments, and major sources of income that contribute to Liver King Net worth.

Social Media Advertisements:

Liver not only earns from his various startups but his huge social media following also seeks the attention of different health and fitness brands. Therefore, he is the face of various supplements and protein brands despite owning his own brand.

Liver King charges a good amount of money for promoting different brands. Because he has a great number of followers on his different social media platforms. Liver King has attracted so many people from all around the world through his eating tips, health guides, and daily life exercises.

Therefore, various brands can reach a huge number of people through advertisements with Liver King. That is why Liver King Net Worth is blooming.

Startups by Liver King:

Brian Johnson also known as Liver King has an entrepreneurial mindset and has started various businesses in his career. Most of his businesses are doing great and increasing Liver King net worth. Moving on to the startups that Liver King has been running for a long time now.

“Ancestral Supplements” company:

This “Ancestral Supplements” is arguably the best business that Liver King is running right now. These are actually the supplements and powders that help in the growth of body muscles. The major ingredient of this supplement is the organ of an animal’s body, usually the Liver. The sale of this supplement is very high among all his supplement business and this helps to grow Liver King Net Worth.

Now talking about the numbers, the official website of Ancestral Supplements generally gets 175,000 visitors each day. If only two percent of the visitors buy this product, which has a price of $40 per supplement, the company earns around $3 to $4 Million every year.

Similarly, their product is also available on the world’s biggest e-commerce platform Amazon. An estimated $24 Million comes from the sales of this supplement from Amazon. Liver King actually owns this company and is a major stakeholder, So, taking out the various costs and expenditures from this sale, a gross profit margin is 38%.

Keeping that in mind, Brian Johnson earns 33% of that profit because of major stakes in the company. Therefore, Liver King net worth turns up around $1 Million from this “Ancestral Supplements” business.

Ancestral Supplements” company

“The Fittest” Company:

The Fittest is another business venture that Liver King has invested in. This is also basically a supplement that is used for giving strength to the muscles and body of a person. However, “The Fittest” company makes just less than $5 Million a year. Still, it is a profitable venture of Liver King.

Dentist Clinic:

Before selling supplements under the Liver King brand name, Brian Johnson and his wife Barbara owned a successful dental practice called Dentiq Dentistry in Houston. They started the business with an investment of $500K but sold it for an undisclosed amount in 2010.

Within just one year of operation, they managed to increase revenue from $400k per year to $1.2 million per year. This contributed to Liver King Net Worth. The business was generating $5.2 million annually after three years.

Dentist Clinic

After selling their dentistry business successfully, they ventured into other businesses such as selling fitness supplements inspired by ancestral living principles. Their success story is nothing short of remarkable.

“Medicine Man” startup:

Medicine Man is another business that deals in medical supplements. This is actually a business in which Liver King has a partnership with another person Mark Vorderbruggen. Mark actually is the major stakeholder in this company and it had a turnover of around $1 Million in the first year. Therefore, this business contributes quite low in the Liver King net worth.

“Heart and Soul” Company:

Finally, Heart and Soul is another company in which Liver King has stakes and shares. This company actually deals in weight loss supplements. Talking about the revenue, Heart, and Soul makes around $5Million a year.

Real Estate:

Apart from the supplements business, Real estate is another major source of income for Brian Johnson. He currently owns two major real estate that has a significant contribution to the Liver King net worth.

The Liver Ranch:

This Ranch is basically the favorite place of Brain Johnson where he raises his animals. On this ranch, you can find cows, horses, hens, and other cattle. This place is spread over five to 10 acres of land in Austin Texas. Moreover, this ranch consists of two houses, one garage, and one swimming pool. Talking about its worth, this ranch has a worth of $1 Million.

The Spanish Revival-Style Mansion:

This mansion is another significant part of Liver King net worth. This place is also present in Austin, Texas, and is spread over 8300 square feet. Moreover, this lavish mansion has a swimming pool, a steam shower, and a boxing ring where Liver King practices boxing.

Furthermore, the mansion is located on the bank of a small lake. There is no bed or mattress in this house and Liver’s family sleeps on the floor and walks without shoes or slippers in the house. The estimate for this mansion is around Seven Million Dollars.

Cars Collection:

Liver King has a unique taste when it comes to owning luxury cars and vehicles. His car collection includes the following cars with their prices and worth.

Vehicle Price/ Worth
Ford F-450 $60,000
M4 Sherman Tank $600,000 – $800,000
Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer $100,000
M352.5-ton 6×6 Cargo Truck $4,700 – $44,000
Kubota M4 Utility Tractor $58,000 – $60,000
M1 Hummer $300,000 – $412,000


How much is Liver King’s business worth?

Liver King is an owner and partner in multiple businesses that majorly deal in supplements. According to multiple sources, his business’s worth is around $100 Million which reportedly shows Liver King net worth of around $10 Million.

How much money did Liver King make?

There are multiple sources of income for Liver King. We have briefly discussed how his different businesses have collectively contributed to his net worth.

Who is the Liver King and how much is he worth?

Liver King is a social media influencer and smart businessman. Currently, Liver King net worth is around $10 Million because of his multiple business ventures.

How many acres is Liver King’s Ranch?

King Ranch is an expansive area of South Texas land that dwarfs the state of Rhode Island. It boasts over 35,000 cattle and more than 200 Quarter Horses. This makes it one of the largest ranches globally.

Final Note:

Brian Johnson who is famous as Liver King has great businesses running simultaneously. Liver King net worth is reported to be $10 Million due to the supplements and other businesses. We have properly discussed the houses, cars, and different businesses that he owns and or under any partnership.

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