Huda beauty powder: How to use, Ingredients, Pros & Cons

Huda beauty powder: How to use, Ingredients, Pros & Cons

Huda Beauty produced eight shades of different colors. She made powders according to skin tone that fits every type of skin tone. Powders are used to make the shape of your shape. Huda Beauty Powder plays an important role in contouring. And you know contours change your face look and highlight the main features of your face. In this article, we will discuss all about this product.

What is Huda beauty powder?

Huda Beauty is a cosmetics brand that produces many products related to cosmetics as makeup. All the products of this brand are so famous same as beauty powder is also one of the most popular products. Huda Beauty powder is easy to bake loose and set your makeup like a setting powder. This powder has eight shades you can choose according to your skin tone. It makes your skin flawless and smooth. The powder is expressed as long-lasting powder, additionally, it prevents your skin from wrinkling or covering. Eight shades names of this beauty powders are:

  • Cupcake
  • Pound cake
  • Banana bread
  • Sugar cookie
  • Kunafa
  • Cinnamon bun
  • Coffee cake
  • Blondie

Huda beauty powder

Ingredients used Huda Beauty powder

The main ingredient that is used in this powder is silica. Silica absorbs oil and makes your skin smoother. The other ingredients are also used that play an important role for improve your skin and give a glowing touch like:

  • Silica
  • Iron Oxides (CI 77492)
  • Mica
  • Phenyl Trimethicone
  • Iron Oxides (CI 77499)
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Dimethicone
  • Yellow 5 Lake (CI 19140)
  • Ethylhexylglycerin
  • Iron Oxides (CI 77491)

Benefits of Huda Beauty powder

There are many benefits of this powder that makes your skin tone flash and smooth. Some of the few benefits are:


Huda Beauty powder is long-lasting. This means you can apply it once on your face and it will keep on your face for a long time.

Huda beauty powder

Set your makeup

This powder is created to set your makeup look. And it will also ensure you make a delicious look.

Highlight features

It highlights your facial features when you apply it on the below of your eyes and on the nose. It will enhance these features and you look beautiful.

Prevent from creasing

This product helps you to prevent crinkling. It makes and keeps your makeup fresh and perfect. But some other powders do not have this feature.

Suitable for all skin types

Huda Beauty powder is suitable for all skin types. Every skin tone matches with this powder and use it easily. All skin types like dry, oily, and a combination of both use this powder and look pretty.

Remove imperfections

With the use of this powder, you can remove your imperfections. Like some lines on your face that decrease your beauty, this powder removes all these kinds of lines.

Disadvantages of this beauty powder

As too many benefits also there are many disadvantages of this product. But if you see in the sense of overall this powder is beneficial. Some hardness is like:

  • The price of Huda Beauty powder is too high not every person buys this product.
  • It may lose your skin.
  • It can also cause some serious kinds of skin infections.
  • Blocks your skin pores and it stops sweetening in the summer season.
  • It may produce some serious kinds of diseases.
  • Phenoxyethanol is used in this powder. This ingredient may cause irritation for some people.

How to use Huda Beauty powder

There are a few steps that help you to in the use of powder such as:

  1. First, you should apply concealer and some kind of foundation.
  2. Then pick the right shade of this brand of Beauty powder that suits your skin tone. And apply it according to your need with the use of a sponge and brush. On your face T-zone, chin, chicks, and under-eye are the main areas that you should apply this powder.

Huda beauty powder

  1. After applying leave it for a few minutes for baking. This step ensures that your makeup will stay long all day.
  2. When a few minutes are gone you should use a fluffy brush and bend away any extra powder.
  3. This is the final look of this powder. You may also use this powder separately to make cute skin and use it casually. Also, you can use it on your own which is beneficial for your face.

Platforms that offer this product

There are many platforms that offer like:

  • Ulta
  • Beauty bay
  • Sephora
  • Amazon
  • Huda Beauty official


Q. Is the Huda Beauty powder good for oily skin?

This beauty powder is designed to remove wrinkles and pores. And place your makeup in its original place. So it is best for the skin.

Q. What is the price of Huda face powder?

The price of Huda beauty face powder is 499. Matte Compact Powder, For Face, Huda Beauty Packaging in Maunath Bhanjan, size: 15 G.

Q. Is Huda Beauty baking powder good for dry skin?

Yes, it is best for dry skin. Because I also have dry skin and use it its result is amazing. I like those powders that melt on my skin. And this product has this feature I want to buy this product again.

Q. Why is the Huda Beauty powder so good?

The best baking powder makeup is Beauty Powder, Easy Bake. The light, silky, finely milled powder has a smooth texture and perfectly blends into the skin. It delivers face a matte, yet smooth, radiant finish that controls shine all day long without making skin appear “flat.”

Final Verdict

Huda beauty powder is good for all skin types. It is lightweight and silky which makes your look beautiful. This product gets more popularity than other brands and has many positive reviews. In this blog post, all about this product is discussed in the above portion that how to apply advantages and disadvantages, etc. I hope after reading this article you learn all about this powder.

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