How to do ring muscle ups

How to do ring muscle ups

A difficult and amazing sports exercise, the ring muscle-up calls for a mix of strength, skill, and coordination. They frequently appear in calisthenics, Cross Fit, and competitive gymnastics. In this post, we’ll go over exactly how to do ring muscle-ups and offer advice on how to develop the strength and technique needed to achieve this exercise.

Ring muscle up

It is an upper-body exercise. A fantastic upper-body exercise and show of strength and technique is the ring muscle-up. Few people can typically perform the acquired skill of starting below the rings and finishing above them in one motion.

Ring muscle up

If you’re not familiar with CrossFit terms, a ring muscle up is a pretty complex gymnastics move. To put it simply, it consists of a kipping pull-up, an “in-air” sit-up, and a dip, all of which is done, naturally, on a set of rings. There are some important lines such as:

  • The player holds the ring tightly way then takes a swing.
  • Then you should go to the arch position when you go to the next position.
  • You will use a kipping and pulling motion to launch himself upward and towards the rings at the end of the backward swing.
  • While the arms naturally provide the pulling component. The kip is produced by the hips extending.
  • He must then begin pushing the rings down and back as he quickly sits up after finishing the kip and pull.
  • The transition, which is also a part of the movement, is frequently thought to be its most important component.

The muscle-up, which essentially combines a pull-up and dip into one fluid movement, is well-known for being a tough exercise to learn and a solid favorite in the CrossFit gym. It will take spent training to achieve because it needs the coordinated action of practically all upper body muscles with a focus on the pecs, shoulders, and wrists. Given that, it’s an excellent task to set for yourself, displays a fantastic ratio of strength to weight of the person, and is a really excellent practical move.

The muscle-up consists of four parts

  1. The grip
  2. The pull
  3. The transition
  4. The push

The grip

This is the best grip when you take it first and want to muscles ups. It takes some kind of tax from your arms and wrists. Same as you hold rings with your hand. Sometime we’ll use the false grip when performing the strict muscle-up.

There are other 3 grip types that tell you about the holding position of the ring such as:

  • Standard grip
  • Hybrid grip
  • False grip

False grip: In the false grip you must hold the ring with your hand.

Hybrid grip: in hybrid grip, you allow the ring to slip off your wrist and into the center of your palm, though not just as high up as in the normal grip.

Standard grip: this is the most great grip.

How to do ring muscle ups

With this grip, the rings are placed in the hand more closely to the wrist line. A lot of people find this to be an uncomfortable position at first, and it takes some time and practice to perfect the technique and identify the position changes that work best for you.

The pull

In this step, your body will be pulled. It means you should have a main grip in pull-ups. A good and effective pull plays an important role in muscle-ups. Without pulling you will not be able to take any kind of swing. So your pulling power must be strong

The transition

It is the most complex part. At this point, many peoples stuck and go back. Once the pull-up is finished, start the transition by quickly crossing your wrists over the rings. You’ll be able to enter the dip phase easily as a result. Just like when you wear out your t-shirt same in this step you force yourself to pull your body.

How to do ring muscle ups

The Push

When you complete the pulling process then the pushing step is so easy. You just hold your body in a tight way and land in the top position by withholding the rings. This is the main point to check whether your pushing muscles are in a working position or not.

Tips for Improving Your Ring Muscle Ups

On the result of the above portion. There are four main tips that you should follow to improve the ring muscle ups such as:

  1. Build Strength in Pull-ups and Dips
  2. Work on the Transition
  3. Practice the False Grip
  4. Improve Your Core Strength

How hard are ring muscle-ups?

There is no other type of exercise except ring muscle-ups. This exercise provides you with upper strength. If you do 8 dips and the same 8 pull-ups, then you will be able to take easily pull-ups in a month. It is hard exercise but in the world, there is no work that is easy. When you want some benefits from this work then it becomes your routine work and you do not get tired.

Time duration & how many days in a week

The best suitable time is 25 to 45 minutes. If you want to get your muscles ups then you should spend 25 to 45 minutes on this exercise.

Also, you should do this exercise three to four days a week. When you follow these instructions then you will take your muscles ups. But also keep in mind this is a most hard exercise, not force your body to take extra exercise.


Q. How hard is a ring muscle up?

The muscle-up, which essentially combines a pull-up and a dip into one fluid movement, is a famously challenging exercise to learn and an essential in the CrossFit gym.

Q. Are ring muscle-ups worth it?

Here is a YouTube video link that tells about the worth of ring muscle-ups.

Q. How long does it take to learn to do ring muscle-ups?

If you do 8 dips and the same 8 pull-ups, then you will be able to take easily pull-ups in a month. It is hard exercise but in the world, there is no work that is easy. In the starting point, you may face some kind of difficulty but with the passage of time, you feel as normal.

Q. What do ring muscle-ups work?

Your last, biceps, triceps, trapezius, and pectoral muscles will all receive a challenging workout from ring muscle-ups. 2. Ring muscle-ups can aid in increasing shoulder range of motion. You can perform many daily tasks more easily and improve your sports performance by maintaining healthy joints and strong shoulders.

Final verdict

You must possess a high degree of strength and skill in pull-ups and dips in order to complete a ring’s muscle-up. In this blog post, all the details related to how to do ring muscle-ups are discussed in a brief way. You must need to follow these four objectives Build Strength in Pull-ups and Dips, Work on the Transition, Practice the False Grip, and Improve Your Core Strength. I hope this blog post will be very beneficial for you.

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