Doxycycline ruined my life – Should you take it or not?

Doxycycline ruined my life – Should you take it or not?

Have you ever heard from people of this Doxycycline ruined my life and wondered how an antibiotic can ruin a person’s life?

On the other hand, maybe you have bacterial issues like acne or malaria, and Doxycycline is suggested for you by your doctor. And now you are wondering about using this medicine. Due to hearing some negative reviews on the social media platform. Because, from 1967, 61% of side effects cases were held from doxycycline from learning many medical cases. Side effects include:

  • Mood swings
  • Changing hormones issues
  • Anxiety
  • Hopeless
  • Rashes and more

So no need to wonder more. This article clears all your queries about how doxycycline ruined my life and its common, serious, and major side effects as well as how to overcome them.

Doxycycline ruined my life-should you take it or not

What you should know about doxycycline and how it works.

Doxycycline work as an antibiotic in your body. This medicine belongs to drug family medicines like tetracycline antibiotics. It helps to treat infections including:

  • Skin acne and other skin infections
  • Infection of Unary track
  • Infection of the Respiratory tract
  • Syphilis
  • Eyes infections
  • Bacterial infections
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Leprosy

It also helps to avoid malaria infection. However, this medicine is not helping to prevent other seasonal issues like cold or hot flu. If you are one of those who ask doxycycline ruined my life you are not alone.

Many peoples also suffering from its side effects. They have faced many issues after using these supplements like, mental health problems and organs damages. We will discuss in brief later all the side effects which are held from this medicine. However, it is normal when a human body takes an overdose of drugs that is caused to destroy healthy organs and tissues in the body.

Doxycycline can ruin one’s life- How?

As you saw on many social media platforms people claim that doxycycline ruined my life it is true. In 2013, most people who take overdosed on this medicine committed suicide after a few days. From those, some take medicine for acne, and some resolving for other issues.

Even though many patients use this medicine to resolve minimal infections they have side effects after using few days.

Doxycycline ruined my life – let’s take a look at people’s reviews in 2023

As a rating review report from, 51% of people have positive reviews rather and 26% of people claim side effects from doxycycline.

It all depends on how frequently you follow doctor’s prescriptions. However, here we are going to discuss its side effects and people’s reviews who post n after trying these medicine. So let’s take a look.

Reviews #1, Disease – bacterial infection, 2022

She is one of those who say Doxycycline ruined my life she is suffering from bacterial infections disease from one month. When she starts using doxycycline side effects rise after a few days. You can read your own what happens with her after using just one dose.

“Don’t take this, please. During flare-ups, antibiotics can be helpful. I was prescribed Doxy and given 100 mg twice a day for 10 days. Within an hour of taking it, I felt quite ill, and five hours later, after just one dose, I was on the floor of my bathroom vomiting, sweating uncontrollably, trembling violently, feeling extremely disoriented, and in real danger of dying. I feel my pass way time is close right now.

My anxiety attack lasted for four hours. I finally gave in to tiredness and fell asleep. I contacted my doctor as soon as I got up, but she didn’t return my call, so I’m stopping cold turkey until she calls on Monday and can give me another prescription. This drug has TERRIFIC side effects. I’m still feeling queasy Doxycycline ruined my life and sick to my stomach a day after taking it. The same thing happened to my mother, who is taking this course for high school, although to a lesser extent such that she could manage it and finish the course. She added, though, that she would never take it again.”

Reviews #2, Disease – Dental Infection, 2022

The second review is about a dental patent who takes doxycycline tablets just 3 times, and after that, she’s facing anxiety issues. Let’s take a look at how she describes her bad experience in her own words.

“When I take 3 tablets three times it was alright, after that when I took 4th dose it left me with a headache and I lost my feelings. I was so unsteady that I could hardly stand up. Along with a rather terrible headache, I also started to get heart palpitations. I was a lot angrier and my anxiety seemed ten times worse. In addition, I noticed that I was experiencing irregular stomach cramps and joint pain. It is incredibly harsh on your body, so Doxycycline ruined my life I wouldn’t suggest taking it unless you need to.”

Reviews #3, Disease – Sinusitis, 2022

One another serious side effect occurs from those patients who clams Doxycycline ruined my life lest take a look what the situation she’s facing after taking Doxycycline.

“This medication did not affect my sinus infection, and it also significantly worsened my diverticulitis, making it potentially fatal. Two years later, I’m still coping with the adverse effects.”

Reviews #4, Disease – acne, 2022

Last but not least, these patents give you advice with describe her issue which is rise due to using doxycycline supplements.

“If you already suffer from anxiety or other mental health conditions, DO NOT TAKE. With the help of Lexapro, my panic problem is completely under control. After taking Doxycycline for two days, Doxycycline ruined my life I once more experienced excruciating panic episodes as well as extreme anxiety and nervousness. After two days, I stopped taking it, and it took me at least two weeks to feel normal once more. To get over it, my doctor had to give me Ativan. I gave it a try because my buddy stated it cures acne, therefore I was disappointed. But I’d rather have acne. Never again, ever!”

So as you can see it’s just four reviews I am writing here. But many peoples in the world who suffer from similar side effects from using doxycycline. Although now you can better understand the people’s feelings who say doxycycline ruined my life.

Now we are going through all the side effects one by one. Which helps you to understand in a better way.

Doxycycline capsules

Different types of doxycycline side effects

There is not just one medicine doxycycline has side effects, there are many medicine on the market which have multiple side effects. However, here is just one way to avoid the side effects of drug medicine follow the doctor’s prescription and don’t take over. Furthermore, medication side effects destroy your healthy living. So it is important to read all instructions of recommended medicine from your consultant.

Although here we describe doxycycline drawbacks in two parts. Which is following bellowing:

Common side effects due to doxycycline

These side effects are common and minor harm to your health. Here are typical side effects listed below:

  • Vomiting
  • Sunburn and other skin issues like sensitivity
  • Feeling sick and lazy
  • Outbreaks
  • Migraine or Headache

People who frequently ask on social media Doxycycline ruined my life they mostly avoid these types of symptoms which is not good for their health. If you face these issues after taking the dose. Consult your doctor immediately to prevail.

Serious side effects due to doxycycline

These side effects are dangerous for your health. If you notice these symptoms consult your doctor as soon as possible or call the ambulance. Serve side effects rise in different people with their health conditions. The below side effects help you to recognize which condition you are facing. Like:

Diarrhea is 2 or 4 days longer.

Warning signs include:

  • Bleeding
  • Abdominal pain
  • Loosing watery stools
  • Laziness due to dehydration
  • Stomach pain

Minor neuropathy

Warning signs include:

  • Serious allergy

Bleed and yellowing skin color

Warning includes:

  • Nose bleed
  • Skin peeling issue
  • Sore throat
  • Feeling sick and exhausted
  • Sound is ears (ringing)
  • The color of the eyes becomes white
  • Liver problems
  • Joint boons and muscular issues
  • Mouth swelling, tongue, lips
  • When you eat pain in the chest


Warning signs include:

  • Vomiting
  • Pressure around your head
  • Migraine

High blood pressure

Warning includes:

  • Blindness
  • Dim, double, loss of vision

Permanent side effects due to doxycycline

The teeth’ color permanently changed

There is 2 condition when these medicine attack teeth:

  1. If you are pregnant and you take doxycycline it would damage your child’s teeth color.
  2. If this medicine takes at the age of 8th.

Diarrhea converts into a dangerous situation

Due to diarrhea, dehydration chances increase, which is a cause of low blood pressure. All these symptoms lead you to a dangerous situation such as coma and death.

Slow bone growth

As I mentioned above, if you use this medicine during your pregnancy. It is too much harmful to your children’s health. It will reduce bone growth. Same side effect impact at the age of 8th.

Permanent side effects of doxycycline

How to Overcome Doxycycline Side Effects

You can just overcome doxycycline side effects by following doctor’s prescriptions. When he tells you all instructions keep following exactly. Also, reading people’s views on searching with doxycycline ruined my life they will guide you in a better way with extra care tips. Because they already tried.

Another way of reducing side effects is keeping an eye on symptoms that don’t decline common symptoms. Otherwise, after a few times, you will face a dangerous situation.

Furthermore, if you feel swelling on your face or neck. Rapidly consult with your healthcare.

Frequently ask questions:

Can doxycycline cause permanent damage?

This medicine leaves permanent side effects in the patient’s body which include,

Slow bone and teeth growth. Doxycycline is too harmful to under the age of 8th children and younger. Avoid giving these drugs to your kids. Until the kid’s doctor prescribes.

What does doxycycline do to your brain?

Doxycycline effects badly on your brain some effects listed below:

  • Shocking brain injury
  • Doxycycline reduces micro vascular hyper permeability
  • Broken of the blood-brain barrier.

Should I be worried about taking doxycycline?

While you need to take doxycycline you should consult your doctor first. Otherwise, if you use this medicine without a doctor’s prescription it may be causing the following side effects:

  • Skin rashes, dark, purple mark
  • Diarrhea
  • Nails breaking
  • Teeth
  • Whiten eyes color many more which is briefly explained above.

However, all these symptoms show in your body minimum after 2 months.

Why do I feel worse on doxycycline?

During the treatment, the doctor advises their patients, within 24 hours a Jarisch Herxheimer reaction (JHR) is rise in the body. It will maybe be a worse situation for a patient during treatment.

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, you will find the answer to why people said that doxycycline ruined my life due to all symptoms and side effects that are briefly explained above.

In conclusion, avoid using doxycycline drugs after reading just positive reviews. If you are facing acne issues and other major infections then you should need to consult your health care. If your doctor recommends you this medicine then use it with all prescriptions. Furthermore, don’t take an overdose from the recommended dose. It will damage your healthy life after 2 months.

So follow the above instruction as well as your doctor’s prescription and stay healthier.

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