Don Julio 1942: Complete Review, Taste, Smell, Design, Quality

Don Julio 1942: Complete Review, Taste, Smell, Design, Quality

Are you looking for premium liquor to enjoy a great gathering? Don Julio 1942 is an excellent tequila that can give you priceless moments with your friends and family enjoying this tequila. It is quite expensive compared to many other tequilas and rums.

What is Don Julio 1942?

Don Julio 1942 is a premium tequila production company that is working for quite a long time. This tequila carries the year in its name to give a tribute to Don Julio. Don Julio actually started the production of this tequila in 1942. People from all around the world love to celebrate this tequila during their parties and gatherings.

The flavors of warm oak, vanilla, and roasted agave are perfectly balanced and lead into a rich vanilla finish with a great oak aftertaste. Using only 100% Blue Weber Agave and aged for around 3 years, this tequila is perfect for any celebration.

This tequila has received various accolades, including a Gold Medal at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and recognition as one of the Top Trending Tequilas at the 2020 Drinks International awards. For an authentic experience, simply serve it neat in a snifter or on the rocks. Each bottle contains 750 mL of this 80-proof drink. As always, please enjoy responsibly.

Features of Don Julio 1942:

Company Diageo
Classification Anejo Tequila
Releasing Year 2002, and still going
Distillery Tequila Tres Magueyes S.A. de C.V
Cask American Oak
Proof 80 (above 40%)
NOM 1449
Still Type Still # 6, Small StainlessSteel pot
Aging Period Around 3 years
Price $140 (Company pricing)

Tasting notes of Don Julio 1942:


The color of aged tequila is dark straw gold, which is similar to many Anejos. Due to the warmer environment in which their aging process is compared to most whiskeys in Kentucky or Scotland, aged tequilas usually sit for only one to three years in second, third-, and fourth-use bourbon barrels. As a result, they have a lighter and clearer color than most whiskeys or rums.


Aged tequila can have a unique aroma. Sometimes the grassy agave notes are emphasized while other times they are lost to the wood. In Don Julio 1942, the first aroma is a floral and sweet fruit, quite similar to cognac. Rose, pear, vanilla, and brown sugar are popular at first with agave and a rich wet oak note follows after them.


The finish is very long-lasting but might not appeal to everyone’s taste buds. It has menthol brightness tempered with unctuous grapefruit along with notes of agave wood and white pepper.

don julio 1942


On the palate, there is an exciting sweetness with more agave grassiness. Tannic spices and vanilla from the oak hit up front on the lips and gums. The mid-palate has medium weight with a slight chewiness and with hints of apricot, agave, vanilla, and clove.

Complete Review of Don Julio 1942:

Don Julio Gonzales, the founder of the popular Mexican label Tres Magueys. He started his journey of producing tequila in 1942. However, it was not until he released his family’s reserve under the Don Julio label that he gained huge recognition. In 2002, to celebrate Gonzales’ 60 years in the industry, his family and the head distiller Enrique de Colsa released “Don Julio 1942”. Diageo acquired the complete rights to this label in 2015.

don julio 1942


Don Julio is somehow quite expensive if you compare it with normal tequila and Whiskey. However, Don Julio also has a core Anejo that is quite cheaper than 1942 at about $50 to $60. While both have similar colors when you compare them side by side, there are differences in aging and distillation methods. The core Anejo has an aging period between 18 and 24 months. Its distillation process uses a larger Pot Still 6 which properly distills the Don Julio 1942.


The aromatics of the two are also different. The Don Julio 1942 is more complex while on the other hand, the core Anejo smells more like a traditional Anejo with faint agave notes under a wood overtone.

Taste of Don Julio 1942:

Similarly, when it comes to taste, Don Julio’s core Anejo has less complexity with an emphasis on spice and grass notes along with a hint of tropical fruit and a lighter body compared to the full-bodied complexity of its premium counterpart.


Don Julio’s premium tequila boasts an elegant bottle design but comes with a hefty price tag of $140 per bottle. It gives the best enjoyment when you consume it neat or on ice in a Glencairn or Horn glass. Because it has unctuous fruit notes that give themselves creativity in cocktails if you are thinking of mixing such an expensive bottle into your drink. For those who do decide to mix it up with this premium tequila brand, mixing umami ingredients such as pineapple, grapefruit, or blood orange is a good idea.

don julio 1942


Why is Don Julio 1942 so expensive?

Don Julio s very expensive due to many reasons. The best reason is the consumption of high-quality blue agave. Moreover, it takes around three years for production and the aging process. Furthermore, it is quite limited and branding also costs so much money. Therefore, Don Julio tequila is a very expensive drink in the World.

Is Don Julio expensive?

Yes, Don Julio 1942 is an expensive drink that usually costs $180 for a 750 ml bottle in the United States of America. It is expensive because of its high-quality ingredients and taste. In addition, its price may vary depending on the location where you are buying it.

How much does Juan Julio 1942 cost?

The price of a 750 ml bottle of Don Julio 1942 can cost around $170 to $200. This price varies because of the location in the United States of America. Similarly, a 1.5 Liter bottle will cost around $350. It is quite expensive compared with other whiskey and wines.

What is the big deal with Don Julio 1942?

The specialty of Don Julio is that this tequila is produced in a limited quantity. After that, it takes around 3 years for the aging process. Moreover, the ingredients are of the highest quality with clean and clear production. Therefore, this tequila is expensive and highly rated.

Final Thoughts:

Don Julio 1942 is a premium quality tequila liquor that you enjoy on your special occasions. The price of a 750 ml bottle is around $180. This liquor is expensive because of its branding, clean and healthy distillation process, aging, and limited quantity.

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