How to Use Apple Pay at Target Store in 2023

How to Use Apple Pay at Target Store in 2023

Carrying cash while shopping has become outdated nowadays. This is due to the little strain of loss of cash on the mind while carrying it for shopping. Therefore, various payment methods were invented to make things easier for the customer to shop. Now, all the major public stores and metros accept cashless payments. You may wonder: Does Target take Apple Pay? The answer to this question is: Yes.

In this article, we will discuss the process of using Apple Pay at Target stores and the benefits that it carries for using the Apple Pay method. Moreover, we will discuss the various payment methods and service charges for using the Apple Pay method at Target Stores.

Does Target take Apple Pay?

Yes, Target accepts the Apple Payment method for any type of transaction for shopping from their stores. Many people were wondering if Target took the Apple Pay method because Target recently closed the Apple Pay payment method from their online website portal.

However, they accept this payment method for shopping in any physical store across the United States of America. There are multiple benefits of using this Pay payment method in Target stores. Furthermore, this helps the customer to get rid of the problem of carrying cash all the time with them.

Target stores anywhere in the country accept various types of cashless payment methods. Therefore, Apple Pay is the new inductee to this list of various payment methods. However, the Apple method is acceptable through the application portal of Target Stores.

Does Target take Apple Pay

Process of Using Apple Pay at Target Store:

Let us get a deep understanding of the process of using the Apple Pay method at Target stores step by step.

  1. First of all, ask the cashier “Does Target take Apple Pay” just for the formality and confirmation. Now, tell the cashier standing at the counter that you want to use the Apple Pay method for paying the amount of shopping.
  2. Now, you have to take out your Apple phone and open the Apple Wallet. You can open the Apple Wallet by clicking the power button of the phone twice or simply clicking on the Apple Payment application on your phone.
  3. After that, you have to unlock Apple Pay to complete the process of shopping and payment. However, this lock can be a face lock or a finger lock because this depends on the security login you set up on your Apple Pay application.
  4. Now for paying the money, you have to tap your iPhone on the screen of the card reader. But if you are wearing an Apple Watch, then you have to touch the screen of the watch on the card reader. By doing this your payment will be deducted from your account. So, now if anyone asks Does Target take Apple Pay, its answer is yes, and in a more secure and fast way.
  5. Now, you should wait for the notification of the amount deduction on your device just to confirm the amount deducted is correct. After that, you can finalize your shopping through Apple Pay. So, the process is just as simple as it looks in reading.

Process of Using Apple Pay at Target Store

Is it secure to use Apple Pay at Target stores across the USA?

Cashless payments are always a safe and secure method of payment. Therefore, you can say that Apple Pay at Target or any retail store is a safe operation. Sometimes, there can be glitches in the payment methods or transactions but this does not mean that Apple Pay is not safe at all.

Rather, carrying cash in your bags and pockets for shopping is very worrisome and you always have the stress of losing or snatching money anywhere. Therefore, Apple Pay and other cashless methods are always a safe and secure way for online transactions. Now anyone can pay through Apple Pay who was searching for Does Target take Apple Pay?

Moreover, there are no online or cyber-related issues because both Apple Wallets and Retail stores provide a high level of privacy and security for transactions and money transfers. So, your transaction history and account information is kept a secret and safe from cyber-attacks.

Benefits of using Apple Pay at Target Stores:

Let us discuss the major benefits that one can have while using the Apple Pay application in Target stores.

1. Escape from carrying Cash & Cards:

First of all, there is a safe and secure channel that provides you to pay for your shopping from Target Store. So, the customer does not worry about carrying cash and credit cards with him all the time. It is also an answer to the question Does Target take Apple Pay?

2. Offline Transactions:

For added convenience and ease of use, Apple Pay can also be used without an internet connection. For example, if your phone is in Flight mode or you are in an area with no Wi-Fi signal, you can still use Apple Pay to make payments quickly and securely.

Offline Transactions

3. No Service Charges through Apple Pay:

Another great benefit is that there are no hidden charges for the sake of service charges while paying through Apple Pay in Target stores. There is actually the service fee but this fee is covered by the Target store itself.

4. Private, Secure & fast way of Transactions:

Apple Pay is an incredibly secure payment method that offers unparalleled protection against theft. Unlike cash or credit/debit cards, which can be easily stolen, no one can make a payment using your mobile device unless they have the correct security credentials.

5. No Cyber Attack or Data Breach:

Additionally, there is less chance of data breaches as it uses a special token known as a device account number instead of your actual card numbers. This means your privacy is of utmost priority and fraudsters cannot steal your information. Now, you may guide anyone who was wondering: Does Target take Apple Pay.

6. Payments Through Apple Watch:

When shopping at Target and other stores where Apple Pay is accepted, those who have an Apple Watch do not even need their phone. Because they can simply wear their watch and pay for their purchases that way. You have to follow the below steps for paying through Apple Watch.

    • For paying through the Apple Watch, you need to click on the side button of the watch twice in quick succession.
    • This will open the payment card that you have set in your watch. This can be Apple Pay or any other credit method. Now, you have to scroll on the watch to select the payment card.
    • After that, you have to take the screen of the Apple Watch near the card reader which will deduct the amount from your account. Once your transaction is done, you will hear the beep sound that actually indicates that your payment has been done.

Payments Through Apple Watch

Services Charges while paying through Apple Pay:

There are service charges while paying through Apple Pay at Target Stores across the country. However, you do not have to pay these service charges as Target Retail stores take responsibility for paying these little service charges of Apple Pay. it means you can use this method of payment if you were wondering Does Target take Apple Pay.

Which type of payment method is acceptable at Target?

Following is the list of the various types of transactions and payment methods accepted at Target stores across the United States of America.

  • Alipay – Applicable in Limited Target stores
  • Campus Cash – Applicable on Limited Target stores
  • Cash – Limited Target Stores allow shopping with Canadian Dollars and Mexican Pesos
  • Debit and ATM cards from American Banks
  • Gift Certificates
  • Merchant vouchers, Merchant Gift Cards
  • Mobile Target Gift Cards
  • Payment cards like Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club International, Visa, and American Express
  • Personal Bank Cheques
  • Prepaid Gift Cards
  • Rebate Cheques
  • Target Temporary Slips, Application Payments, Target Mastercard, Target Credit Card, and Target Debit Card.
  • Various Gift Card from Starbucks
  • Various other payment methods like Samsung Pay and Google Pay
  • WIC – Applicable in Limited Target stores.


Can I use Apple Pay at Target?

Yes, you can use the Apple method for paying for your shopping at Target outlets across the United States of America.

Does Target accept Apple Pay 2023?

Yes, Target Retail stores accept Pay on their mobile application and on their physical stores. However, they stopped this cashless payment method on their website.

Does Target take Apple Pay and cashback?

Yes, Target stores accept payment through the Apple method, and during various promotions and discounts, you may get cashback.

Can I pay with Apple Pay in Walmart?

No, Walmart Stores have their own policy that does not accept payments through Apple Pay.

Final Thoughts:

Finally, the answer to the question: Does Target take Apple Pay? is Yes. Target retail stores accept various types of payment methods. This is due to its high level of security and convenience features such as offline functionality and support by major retailers. Moreover, Apple Pay has become one of the most popular ways to make contactless payments today while keeping user data private at all times.


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