How to use a Derma Roller: Uses, Benefits, and how they work

How to use a Derma Roller: Uses, Benefits, and how they work

Derma Rolling is the process of needling the skin and enhancing the metabolic process of the body to heal the skin. People, especially women, tend to care more about facial skin. Therefore, this derma roller is a device that helps them treat face acne, dark circles, and wrinkles of the skin.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits, detriments, process of using a roller, buying tips for this roller, and how many times one should use this derma roller for the best results.

What is Derma Roller?

Derma Roller is actually a little device with a roller of tiny needles attached. People use this roller on the skin for better growth of hair, acne removal, for treating dark patches and other skin issues. Therefore, this roller is an excellent device that actually boosts the natural mechanism of the body to heal defective patches and areas of skin.

This roller is easily available on different online platforms and even in physical stores. The needles on the roller are of very small size which creates small punctures in the skin of the body. However, this process of derma rolling is not painful at all, you may feel a little pain.

What is Derma Roller

How the Derma Rolling process actually works:

The process proceeds when the roller moves on the surface of the skin, it creates small punctures on the skin. These punctures induce collagen and elastin to boost the natural healing process and remove acne, wrinkles, and dark patches from the skin.

This roller actually works as the catalyst to increase the rate of natural healing of the skin. Because of the rough patches, wrinkles, and acne, the tissues of the skin become dead. The natural healing process of the body does not induce collagen and elasticity in these tissues and those acne, wrinkles, and therefore these small punctures induce the skin to heal those tissues.

Similarly, after using this derma roller, the user has to apply the serum on his skin which further helps in removing the skin issues. However, one should not just take any roller for the purpose of derma rolling.

How to use a Derma Roller?

There is a complete procedure that one should follow for using this roller on the skin. Following are the steps that will guide you on how to use the roller.

Prepare your skin first:

Before starting the procedure of derma rolling, make sure your skin is ready for it. Use water and cleanser on the skin so that there is no dirt on the skin. Furthermore, it will help the skin to absorb properly.

Apply a Serum on the skin:

Now, after setting up your skin, apply a serum that contains stem cells, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Because when the roller will roll this serum will enter the skin through those small pores. So make sure you apply two layers of such serum for more efficiency of the serum. This serum will help in reducing the wrinkles and dark patches of the skin.

Use the Derma Roller:

Now, use the derma roller on the skin after applying that serum. The rolling process will induce the serum in the skin deeply and make sure the skin operates with greater efficiency. This will lead to better hair growth, skin care, and treatment.

Use the Derma Roller

Use another Serum:

After using the roller, you have to now use another serum that contains retinol. This helps the skin to induce collagen and removes the dead tissues and cells from the body. This will later help in the growth of new tissues and fresh glowing skin. However, you may use the serum that contains the moisturizer. But that serum will be helpful in the night.

Disinfect the Derma Roller & Clean it:

After the process ends, make sure you clean your roller because there are different germs and skin-dead tissues on the tips of the needles. If anybody uses that infected roller, he may have an allergic reaction to his skin. So, disinfect the roller property and clean it for further use.

Benefits of using Derma Roller:

There are multiple benefits of the Derma Rolling procedure on your skin. Let us discuss them in proper detail.

  • You may know that collagen is a highly vital protein that maintains the health and firmness of the ligaments, body cells, tissues, tendons, and hair. Therefore, inducing this protein helps the skin to regain its glow and youthful look.
  • Similarly, elastic is another type of protein that is more elastic than collagen. Actually, this protein provides the required elasticity to the skin for a better glow. Lack of this protein causes the skin to dry up and become hard. In this way, the skin loses its charm and youthful glow.
  • Moreover, using a derma roller also helps in recovering the hair growth that is affected by the dryness of the skin. So, it enhances the growth of the hair, especially on the head.
  • Derma rolling can help the skin to glow and it will treat the issues like Acne, wrinkles, thin skin, scars on the skin, and also the problem of skin discoloration.

Benefits of using Derma Roller

Detriments of excessive use of Derma Roller:

Now let us move on to the problems that one may face because of the derma rolling process. However, there are not many problems related to derma rollers.

  • The first issue is that if you use the roller with needles more than half millimeters long, it can cause skin scars. Moreover, it will cause severe pain in the flesh and that may become red.
  • Moreover, if the needle of the roller is bent, it will cause more damage than benefits. So, always make sure the needles are straight and according to the length.
  • The most dangerous reaction you may face is skin infections and scars. This can happen if you use the derma roller without disinfecting it. The infectious needles can cause the skin to burn, swell, and red marks and end up in further scars.

Buying Guides for a perfect Derma Roller:

If you’re looking to select the perfect derma roller for hair growth, there are a few key factors to keep in mind.

  • One important consideration is the size of the needles, with experts typically recommending microneedles between 0.5mm and 1.0mm for safe at-home use.
  • Material is another crucial factor, with both durable titanium and medical-grade stainless steel needles being popular options.
  • When it comes to promoting hair growth specifically, a derma roller with short microneedles (540) measuring 0.5mm is usually recommended as it can stimulate the scalp without causing any discomfort or injury.
  • Ultimately, choosing the right needle length will depend on your individual goals and needs.
  • To ensure that you’re purchasing a high-quality and safe product. It’s essential to buy from a reputable brand that guarantees quality and safety standards before using it yourself at home.
  • It’s also worth checking out user reviews online to gain insight into other people’s experiences with various brands of derma rollers. However, always remember that device quality plays an essential role in its effectiveness during use.

Buying Guides for a perfect Derma Roller


Do derma rollers really work?

Although derma rollers can be effective in improving the skin’s appearance, they may not produce the same results as a micro-needling session at a dermatologist’s clinic. However, adding derma rolling into your skincare routine a few times per week can enhance the penetration of your skincare products for better results.

What does derma rolling do?

Derma rollers are used in skin care to help reduce signs of aging, treat acne scarring and glow the skin.

Will derma roller regrow hair?

Additionally, using a derma roller consistently over an eight-to-ten-week period has been known to have positive effects on hair growth.

What not to do with a derma rolling?

For best results when using a derma roller, it is recommended that you avoid working out or sweating for at least 24 hours after use. Similarly, refrain from rubbing the skin or using any kind of acidic product for at least three days until your skin has fully recovered. If you have rubbed and removed dead cells harshly within the past day, it is also advised that you wait before using a derma roller.

Final Thoughts:

Derma Roller is a perfect tool for helping the skin to recover from aging, acne, dark patches, scratches, and hair loss. Moreover, this tool basically induces various proteins like collagen and elastin in the skin to enhance its natural healing process. In addition, there are certain benefits and detriments of using this roller. We have discussed the buying guides that can help you choose the best roller for your skin.

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