Carla Diab: Career, Net Worth, Personal Life & Unknown Facts

Carla Diab: Career, Net Worth, Personal Life & Unknown Facts

Are you keen to know about the famous Tv host and presenter Carla Diab Haddad? Well, you may be interested to know about her income and net worth. In this article, we will completely describe the whole biography of this TV host and presenter.

Who is Carla Diab?

Carla Diab Haddad is a popular Tv host and actress who hails from Lebanon. She was born in Beirut and after completing her education in journalism and modeling, she joined the TV industry. Carla is among the top TV hosts in the country. She hosted a number of famous TV shows, Reality shows, and dance shows.

Carla Diab is a pure soul and that is why she always participates in philanthropic activities. She has a net worth of around $5 Million and most of it is due to her hard work in her TV hosting and presenting career. She also endorses many fitness and beauty brands that add to her net worth. Carla is the mother of a beautiful girl named Lea. She separated from her husband in 2020.

Carla Diab

Quick Biography:

Name Carla Diab Haddad
Date of Birth October 11, 1981
Age 41 Years
Place of Birth Beirut, Lebanon
Nationality Lebanese
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White
Profession Tv Host, Presenter, Actress
Zodiac Sign Libra

Early life & Education:

Carla Diab was born on October 11, 1981, in Beirut, Lebanon. Information about her early life is not available as she never discussed her openly on any news channel or social media platform. However, she studied journalism and also had a keen interest in modeling. Therefore, after completing her education, she tried her luck in the modeling and fashion industry.

Professional Life of Carla Diab:

Carla Diab Haddad’s journey started when she was just seventeen years old, filming commercials and fashion shows. She even made an appearance as a model in Rabie El-Khouli’s music video for “Aman Aman”. In 1999, she unexpectedly entered the world of television through the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation LBC screen, joining the team “Prevention in Lebanon” directed by Mark Qudeih. Carla used to participate in satirical performances with them and later moved on to present the “Weather Bulletin” within the evening news bulletin.

In 2001, Carla presented her first special program called “Carla Lala”, which was artistically prepared by Tony Khalife. Furthermore, She also appeared on the satirical program called “Ban in Lebanon”. In July 2006, Carla presented a massive singing program known as “Ya Lail Ya Ain” with her first husband Tony Abu Joudeh. Additionally, Acting opportunities came knocking at her door after she participated in the series called “Small Sins” back in 2005.

Carla Diab

In 2010, Carla co-hosted a program called Sweet and Bitter alongside several female colleagues which later turned into Sweet Beirut under producer Rola Saad (producer). Moreover, She moved to the Lebanese MTV screen three years later to host the “Dancing with the Stars” show for two seasons while also featuring in comedic plays and advertisements with her husband Tony Abu Jaoude.

In March 2016, Carla Diab Haddad began presenting The Star of Comedy talent show on Al Hayat The Egyptian and Lebanese MTV. Two years later, she hosted another talent show called “Stars Without Borders” for its second season on the Al-Aan channel. Her journey continues as one of the stars expected to shine brightly in January 2023.

Personal Life & Family of Carla Diab:

Carla Diab Haddad hails from the town of Roum (Jezzine) and was born in Beirut. She studied journalism and media studies at the university. After completing her education, she joined the modeling industry. Later on, she tied the knot with Tony Abu Jaoude, a journalist and actor, on October 4th, 2004. The couple welcomed their only daughter Leah in 2009.

Carla Diab

However, after living together for 16 years, Carla announced her official separation from her husband on June 8th of 2020. Interestingly enough, on September ninth of the same year, she revealed her marriage to Wael Kassis from Lebanon.

Father name Ibtisam Nassif
Mother Name Raymond Haddad
Siblings Not known
First Husband Tony Abu Jaoude
Daughter (from First Marriage) Lea Jaoude
Second Husband Wael Kassis

Carla Diab Net Worth:

As of 2023, Carla Diab’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. It is likely that a significant portion of this wealth was amassed through her work as a television host. In addition to her hosting duties, Carla has also secured lucrative sponsorship deals by endorsing various brands on her Instagram account. Furthermore, One such endorsement was for the fitness brand, fat2fit, which she promoted in October 2022. Through her post, Carla highlighted the program’s ability to provide excellent body shaping and skin tightening while reducing excess fat.

Physical Appearance of Carla Diab:

Height 5 Feet 10 inches (1.79 meters)
Weight 57 Kgs
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown

Social Media Engagement:

Carla Diab and her ex-partner have a daughter named Lea. Recently, her former husband Tony took to Instagram on January 3 to wish their daughter a happy thirteenth birthday, tagging both Carla and their daughter @laboujoude in his post. Moreover, Carla can be found on Instagram under the handle @carlahaddadofficial where she describes herself as a communication advisor, Actress, public speaker, TV host, presenter, and loving mother to Lea.

Carla Diab

Carla frequently uploads stunning pictures on her official Instagram account. Further, She recently shared some posts for the New Year’s occasion of 2023 with the caption “Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year 2023.” Additionally, she shared a beautiful picture with the caption “La Dolce Vita” and another post featuring herself and her daughter spending Christmas together on December 25th of last year.

In this particular post, Carla Diab expressed how much she appreciated her daughter by saying “You are the very best gift I could ask for @l.aboujoude.” Currently boasting over 1.2 million followers on Instagram alone, Carla is quite popular on social media.

Interesting Facts about Carla Diab:

  • Carla Diab is a notable figure in the fashion industry, known for her eponymous fashion line that she founded and creatively directs.
  • In addition to her successful business ventures, she has also made a name for herself in the entertainment world with appearances on various TV shows.
  • It’s estimated that she earns around $100k per month from these endeavors alone.
  • Furthermore, Carla is also the host of the Lebanese version of Dancing With the Stars on MTV Lebanon and serves as a broadcaster at Fi-Male where she hosts a weekly show every Friday night on LBCI.
  • As of 2023, Carla’s net worth is valued at approximately $5 million.
  • In addition, She separated from her first husband in 2020 after staying together for 16 years.
  • Carla Diab Haddad and Tony Abo Joude have a beautiful girl whose name is Lea Joude. She is currently 13 years old. Despite the separation between both parents, Lea is often seen with her mother and father. They click photos and share them on different social media platforms.

Final Thoughts:

Carla Diab Haddad is an actress and Tv Shows host from Lebanon. She has hosted many famous shows and also endorses many brands. This adds to her net worth. She parted ways from her first husband Tony Abo Joude in 2022 after staying together for 16 years. The couple has a child. But now, Carla is married to Wael Kassis. She is currently pursuing her career in this hosting line and living a successful life.

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