How to treat Canker sore on Tonsil? Symptoms, Causes, Duration

How to treat Canker sore on Tonsil? Symptoms, Causes, Duration

If you are facing the issue of a canker sore on tonsil then you might be curious to know the reasons for this sore. So, the quick answer to your query is that if you intake spicy, junk, and acidic food, it comes in contact with your tonsils during the process of swallowing. So, it causes canker sores on the tonsils. In this article, we will discuss the main causes, symptoms, treatment process, and how long the canker sore lasts.

What is a canker sore on Tonsil?

A canker sore is basically a sore that usually occurs in the soft tissues and delicate parts of the mouth. You may also call it an aphthous ulcer. Moreover, it may occur in the tonsils which is another soft tissue organ in the mouth. You may have noticed this canker sore on tonsil under your tongue, the back of the throat, and the inner side of the lips.

This canker sore on the tonsil is very painful and causes unrest in the body of the person. However, these sores are not contagious and easily treatable. These sores are yellowish or white from the center and have red edges.

What is a canker sore on Tonsil

What are the Causes of a Canker Sore on tonsil?

Following are the major causes and reasons for irritating canker sore on the tonsils and soft part of the mouth.

  • The major cause of this canker sore is eating unhealthy, spicy, and acidic food. Because the spice and acidity etch the tissues of soft parts of the mouth and cause this canker sore on tonsil.
  • Sometimes, small injuries like biting the tongue and cheek, and any dental work also cause this canker to grow.
  • Moreover, many mouthwashes and kinds of toothpaste have sodium lauryl sulfate that is harsh for soft body parts and creates these canker sores.
  • These canker sores may occur because of a viral infection or any other mouth disease.

What are the Causes of a Canker Sore on tonsil

Symptoms of canker sore on tonsil:

Let us discuss the signs and symptoms of these canker sores on your tonsils. There are particular symptoms of this sore that can give you an idea to know about this sore.

  • The first main symptom of this canker sore on tonsil is severe pain in one side of the mouth. Because where this sore is present, it causes pain in that side of the mouth. Therefore, you should not confuse it with sore throat or tonsillitis.
  • Before this sore occurs in the mouth, you may feel irritation or burning in that part of the mouth. After it comes out, this burn and irritation keep on increasing.
  • Another major symptom of this sore is, you feel sticky and irritated while eating food or drinking any liquid. Moreover, you can feel a clear sensation of this stickiness.

Symptoms of canker sore on tonsil

How to treat Canker sore on Tonsil?

Following are the methods of treating the canker sore on tonsil. There are medical ways, preventive measures, and home remedy methods. So, you can try all these processes to treat this issue.

Medical Treatment:

Let us first discuss the chemical methods to treat this canker sore on tonsil.

  • The person suffering from this canker sore should clean his mouth with mouthwash that has hydrogen peroxide and menthol. These mouthwashes react to the sore and help fast the recovery process.
  • Moreover, the person should also take medicines like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. These medicines basically reduce the swelling and cure the sore gradually.
  • Finally, there are certain mouth sprays available in the market that have phenol and benzocaine as ingredients. Using these mouth sprays also gives relief from the pain.

Home Remedies:

There are certain home remedies that can help you treat this canker sore on tonsil.

  • First of all, if you apply Magnesium Hydroxide on the canker sore by using a cotton swab 3 to 4 times a day. It will provide great comfort from the pain and recover the wound. Magnesium Hydroxide is also known as Milk of Magnesia.
  • Similarly, cleaning and rinsing the mouth with a solution of warm water, salt, and baking soda will help in reducing the pain and heal the sore. You need to add one teaspoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of salt in half a cup of warm water to make this solution.
  • If you gargle with cold water, it also helps in healing the canker sore on tonsil. Moreover, this process also relieves burn and pain.

Medical Treatment

Preventive Measures:

Moving on to the prevention that the person should do to treat this canker sore.

  • First of all, stop eating acidic food, spicy and junk meals that are the major cause of this canker sore.
  • Start eating food that is soft, easily digestible, and warm also. You can intake warm tea, coffee, soup, and even ice cream is a good option to take on.
  • You should also avoid eating spicy candies and fruits that carry acetic acid.

How long does the canker sore on tonsil last?

Canker sore on tonsil can take up to 1 to 2 weeks for proper recovery. Moreover, the person who is facing this issue should take proper medicines and follow preventive measures for a quick recovery. While you’re suffering from this sore, you may face difficulty in drinking, eating, and talking because of the severe pain. However, there are certain medicines that can speed up the recovery time of this sore.

But mind that those medicines may lead to further allergies and infections in your mouth. So, it is always advisable to take the prevention process seriously and take medicine that is helpful in releasing the pain. It is always better to allow the natural healing process of the body to treat this sore.


What causes a canker sore on tonsil?

There are various causes of canker on the tonsils, however, acidic meals and food allergies are the major causes of the canker sore. Actually, when you eat such junk food which has allergens and acidity, it comes in contact with your tonsils. So, these allergens can cause tonsil sores. It feels similar to a sore throat.

Is canker sore caused by strep?

Actually, it is not confirmed whether the canker sore is caused by streptococcus bacteria or not. Because Strep bacteria are present in the area of the canker sore. However, this bacteria may or may not cause canker sore on tonsil. But this canker sore can further lead to issues with dental injections and lining in the mouth.

Does strep throat look like canker sores?

No, they both are quite different from each other. Moreover, the symptoms of these sores are also different. A canker sore is not contagious while strep throat is. Similarly, strep throat leads to swelling in the tonsils and severe pain in the throat. While canker sores lead to yellow or white ulcers in the mouth.

How common are canker sores on tonsils?

Canker sores are quite common because they often happen to every person. It is not dangerous at all however, the person feels uncomfortable while eating or even talking with these sores. A canker sore usually occurs in the tender part of the mouth like the tonsils. If a person eats spicy and acidic food, there are chances of a canker sore. According to a survey, half of the population faces this problem.

On to the Final Notes:

Moving on to the final thoughts, we can say that the canker sore on tonsil is quite painful. But it is not contagious. Additionally, it is quite common, and half of the world’s population faces it quite often. It usually happens because of spicy, junk, and acidic food that comes in contact with your tonsil while swallowing. There are certain medication processes and preventive measures that help in the treatment of this canker sore on tonsil. However, not taking it seriously may lead to further problems inside the mouth.

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