Top 10 Starring Anne Heche Movies List

Top 10 Starring Anne Heche Movies List

Are you searching for an Anne Heche movies list? So you are in the right place. We are here to let you know about the top 10 big-hit Anne Heche movies.

Who is Anne Heche?

Anne Celeste Heche was an American actress, screenwriter, and director. She was born on May 25, 1969, in Aurora, OH, and died on August 11, 2022, in Los Angeles, CA due to a car accident. This car accident damages her brain and causes her a coma. She comes in some kind of television, theater, and films. She comes into everyone’s eyes after Marley loves on the soap opera Another World (1987-1991) and portrays twins Vicky Hudson. Anne Heche received two Soap Opera Digest Awards and Daytime Emmy Award.

Who is Anne Heche

Top 10 best-hit Anne Heche movies list:

Here is some best Anne Heche Movies list which we are going to discuss below:

1. The Juror:

Anne Heche plays the role of Juliet in The Juror. The Juror Story is related to a 1995 novel by George Dawes Greenwich and is based on an American legal suspenseful story film. Moreover, Brian Gibson was the director of this film. Demi Moore, the star plays the role of a single mother, in a mafia trial she is chosen for a panel of adjudicator’s duty. And Alec Baldwin is a gangster who was sent to threaten her. While, the movie also has some more stars like James Gandolfini, and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

2. Donnie Brasco:

In Donnie Brasco, Anne Heche plays the role of Maggie Pistone, who is Depp’s Joseph Pistone wife. This movie is fully based on the story of Pistone (DEPP). He is an undercover FBI agent. In New York during the 1970s, he penetrated into the Bonanno crime family. A jewel thief under the alias Donnie Brasco from Florida, Vero Beach. Even so, the book, Joseph Pistone, is being used as inspiration for this movie.

3. Volcano:

Anne Heche plays a role in the volcano as Dr. Amy Barnes. In 1997, in this tragic film, Anne Heche worked with big hitters like Keith David, Tommy Lee Jones, and Don Cheadle. Moreover, Volcanos follow efforts to stop lava from reaching the Streets of Los Angeles. After the realization of the volcano at the La Bre Tar Pits. Mick Jackson was the director of this movie. This movie is also one of the best movies from Anne Heche movies list.


4. I know what you did last summer:

In this movie, Anne Heche plays the role of Melissa ‘Missy’ Egan. This story is roughly like a 1973 novel by Lois Duncan. Heche appears in this movie as a teen attacker. There are four friends in this movie, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., and Ryan Phillippe. They accidentally hit a man who died at that time. All four run from there. After that, they get a threatening letter. And they were all scared. There is also more Anne Heche movies list which we will discuss.

5. Six Days Seven Nights:

Anne Heche plays the role of Robin Monroe in six days seven nights. Also, this is a comedy film which is based on adventure and action. On a deserted island, they work as a magazine editor in New York with bad-tempered Harrison survivors as a result of the plane crash. This film was directed by David Schwimmer and Ivan Reitman. It should be noted that in this movie, her performance is memorable and fascinating.

6. Return to Paradise:

In Return to Paradise, Anne Heche plays the role of Beth Eastern. Basically, in this movie, there are three friends. One of them is arrested in a case of drug custody in Malaysia. This movie is about romance and thriller. Star Joaquin Phoenix, Anne Heche, and Vince Vaughn play leading roles as Lewis McBride, Beth Eastern, and John “Sheriff” Volgecherev. Joseph Ruban was the director of this movie.

Return to Paradise

7. John Q:

In John Q, Anne Heche Plays the role of the Hospital Administration as Rebecca Payne. In this movie, there is a father, whose son needs heart transplant surgery but the surgery did not undergo. Because his father’s insurance policy rejected to complete the procedure. Especially, to save his child’s life, his father Archibald hostages the hospital. He forces the doctors to save his son’s life and do a transplant. This movie is not true but it has some similarities to a case that happened in Toronto Canada. Ray Liotta and James Woods also appear in this movie.

8. Birth

Anne Heche plays the character of Clara. This film is about Anna whose husband Sean has died. And she thinks that as a 10-year-old boy, her husband is returning to life. This is American Drama Film which is directed by Jonathan Glazer in 2004. Lauren Bacall, Nicole Kidman, Anne Heche, Cameron Bright, and Danny Huston appear in this movie.

9. My Friend Dahmer:

Anne Heche plays the character of the tottering mother of upcoming serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s Mother Joyce. In this terrifying origin story, one of the most terrifying murders in America has been seen. In this movie Ross Lynch as Dahmer, Dallas Roberts as Jeffrey’s Father, and Alex Wolff as Derf appears. This movie is written and directed by Marc Meyers in 2017. You can also see this movie in Anne Heche movies list.

My Friend Dahmer

10 .Girl in Room 13

In the upcoming Lifetime film, Anne Heche plays the lead role of Janie as the mother of Grace a Girl in Room 13. This film delivers a strong message in favor of women to end violence. Grace was a girl who become a victim of social trafficking. After sustaining a sports injury, Grace turned into an addiction to opioids. She wants to cut off her addiction, under her mother’s watchful eye. Undoubtedly her history catches her when she was kidnapped from a hotel room and sold. This movie is released in 2022. This movie is directed by Elisabeth Rohm and written by Maria Nation. Along with Anne Heche, Max Montesi, and Larisa Dias also appear in this movie.


What movies has Anne Heche played in?

Here is some name from Anne Heche movies list:

  • Six Days Seven Night
  • Volcano
  • Birth
  • My Friend Dahmer
  • I know what you did last summer:
  • Return to Paradise:
  • John Q

Is Anne Heche still married?

Anne Heche died in a car accident due to a high speed. Anne Heche’s car crashed into a house because of extraordinary speed, due to which she went to Qoma on August 5, 2022. On August 11, 2022, in Los Angeles, she died at the age of 53 in a hospital.

How many movies was Anne Heche in?

She appears more than in 30 films. While on the other hand, Anne Heche the late actress also well known for her TV roles (together with her roles in The Brave and Men in Trees and Emmy-winning role in Another World).

What is Anne Heche famous for?

Because she is an American Director, actress, and also a screenwriter. Moreover, she was first recognized for her role as Marley Love and Vicky Hudson in the soap opera another world in 1964. she was chosen for Daytime Emmy Award and two Soap Opera Digest Awards.

Final Thoughts:

Anne Heche had a very victorious career in the occupation industry. She has many significant TV shows and a number of movies. In both comedies and dramas, she has proven her flexibility, talent, and ability as a successful actress. Additionally, she also entertained audiences with her work. On the other hand, she also works on many TV shows like Chicago PD, Another World, Hung, The Brave, Quantico, and The Michael J. Fox Show. We hope, now you come to know about Anne Heche movies list.

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